skull and toothbrushes


The following videos feature stunts performed by toys under the supervision of professional dentists. Accordingly, MBD and the producers must insist that no child attempts to recreate or reenact any stunt or sink augmentation without their parents permission.


Made By Us In Our Office Sink

skull and toothbrushes

We know these little In-Sink Entertainment videos aren’t going to win any awards, but we had so much fun making them in our office sink. That said, we don’t really care if our videos aren't great. We care if our products are.

Enter Our Video Contest

skull and toothbrushes

We loved creating the first season of In-Sink Entertainment and now we want to see what you and your family can do!

Every month we’ll pick our favorite & send the winner a trophy along with other cool prizes.

Win an In-Sink Relic

skull and toothbrushes

Own a piece of IN-SINK history!

Each RELIC used to create our IN-SINK videos are now being given away on Instagram. All you have to do is leave a comment and we’ll pick a random winner.


Kids Products

skull and toothbrushes

Check out the full collection of rechargeable toothbrushes and clinically-proven toothpastes made specifically for our own kids and yours.


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skull and toothbrushes

With old school mailings, fun giveaway items like stickers, keychains, and vinyl collectables, along with oral care quizzes and video contests, the Anti-Cavity Club will have your kids looking forward to brushing.