Meet The Team

skull and toothbrushes

We put a lot of love into creating these unique characters with the goal of making oral care more fun for your kids. Each creature was designed with a unique smile to show kids that every smile is beautiful and encourage them to be proud of their own.


Join Our Kids Club

skull and toothbrushes

With old school mailings, fun giveaway items like stickers, keychains, and vinyl collectables, along with oral care quizzes and video contests, the Anti-Cavity Club will have your kids looking forward to brushing.


Home-Made Video Series

skull and toothbrushes

Who needs a big production team, marketing agency, or a giant budget when you have cool co-workers and a can-do attitude. All In-Sink Entertainment videos were thought up, created and shot in our very own Solana Beach office.


Kids Products

skull and toothbrushes

Check out the full collection of rechargeable toothbrushes and clinically-proven toothpastes made specifically for our own kids and yours.